domingo, 20 de septiembre de 2015


We have tried to spread some of the basic aspects of project, releasing them in different forums, as for example the case of some universities, in a teacher training course sponsored by Cantabria´s government and through a summer course, but also other forums as in Lithuania and Romania where we have participated in international conferences.
Some education and animal professionals, linked to the cantabrian institution have provided suggestions after tracking the project since its beginning which has allowed a broader view of our methodology, both theoretical and practical.
We have involved some students in all phases of design, implementation and evaluation of all materials.
Finally the constant evaluation of the project by all members inter-and intra-institutionally has developed a consensus document about animal assisted interventions that we try to fit to our needs.
Throughout the project, recipients have been taken into account, because information of different phases has been shared with students, they have been involved in the preparation, development and post evaluation of some mobilities and with the campus celebrated in summer in Hungary in the month of May 2014 for Spanish and Romanian students.
During these two years, we have presented to the local communities participating institutions on the European project, both through communication media and by participating in educational meetings, cultural events...
It has been ensured that all students participate, regardless of their status by encouraging them, despite different difficulties.

We must say also that the students have been an important element in this project, through the participation and organization of, campus, development of therapy sessions, meetings and so on.

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